Fan Question: What are all the boys’ anime ninja names??

Fan Question: I know anime Cartman is “Bullrogg” or something, but what are the rest of the boys’ ninja names??

Answer: The force is strong with you, young ninja apprentice! You pretty much nailed Cartman’s name, but here’s the full anime rundown, as it appears in the script for “Good Times With Weapons“:

• Bulrog (Cartman) – A tough, brut Ninja who has dedicated his life to eradicating the world from Hippies. His powerful weapon is the Sai.

• Shadow Hachi (Stan) – With the fiery sting of his Tonfa of Takanawa, he becomes a great and powerful ninja. Sworn to fight evil, and people he doesn’t like!

• Bunraku (Kyle) – A deadly, but compassionate Ninja who protects those in trouble! His weapon of choice is the powerful Nunchucks of Kuramoto.

• Ninja Master Kenny – Equally deadly, although pretty much always muffled. His weapon is the Shuriken Star.

• Professor Chaos (Butters) – Bringer of destruction and doom. His cloak is made of a titanium alloy that shields him from heat. He also can use his “Web of Holding” to capture enemies.

• Ginza (Craig) – This ninja uses the deadly Blade of Kintama.

• Black Chaku (Token) – Don’t mess with Black Chaku’s killer power of perfect spelling.

As for the villainous Clyde and Jimmy — they aren’t given official ninja names, but their strength and power has made the “Battle of Tokugawa” legendary….


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