Production Blog Entry for 11/02/10

To whom it may concern,

Where there is darkness I am the light and if you?re blind there?s nothing I can do to make things brighter?sorry. People call me Protector of the Arctic, The Blubbery Bird, The Tuxedoed Belly Slider, but most of all they call me? The Mighty Penguin!

The Mighty Penguin

I may not be able to fly but I can swim and walk faster than humans. My tuxedo suit made of pure titanium provides protection during the harsh arctic winters and enemy attacks. My Super Powerful Bluetooth Penguin Bow Tie not only allows me to keep watch over my rookery and rookeries abroad it also helps me get mad lady penguins. If all that?s not impressive enough, Morgan Freeman narrates my life.

It is clear I am the chosen Penguin to defend this earth, but I am not complete. There is one thing I am missing that I have been longing for. Sidekicks.

I have always wanted to be a part of ?Coon and Friends!? My old mentor Mysterion has educated me in the ways of the group and now I feel I am ready to join their ranks.

So now I turn to you, trusted fan. What do you think it takes to be a member of ?Coon and Friends??

Do you think you know the identities of my fellow crime fighters?

Bet you can?t guess my identity?


The Mighty Penguin
The Mighty Penguin

PS. Enjoy tonight?s Episo