Behind the Scenes of “Towelie”

Wanna take a look behind-the-scenes of the pot-tastic classic “Towelie”?

Scroll down for a taste of behind-the-scenes pics, production art, and details from Matt and Trey. For ALL the behind-the-scenes “Towelie” details, check out the “Towelie” WIKI page here!


– Yep, that’s the offical cover page to “Towelie” script from our archives. It was written and directed by Trey.

– In 2011, fans voted “Towelie” to be their #11 favorite episode of all time.

Where did the idea come from? The original idea was to make fun of creating a character that’s totally worthless and stupid. Of course, that would be a towel.


– The writers made a conscious effort to create a character nobody would care about. And weirdly enough, people wound up loving him.

– Towelie is voiced by Vernon Chatman, a longtime South Park producer. It’s one of the few characters not done by Matt/Trey.

– Check out this old-school storyboard from our archives. All boards used to be drawn and made by hand. Now, we do them all digitally…


“You shouldn’t a done ‘nat! He just a boy!” This Cartman line is a reference to the 90’s flick “Sling Blade”.

– This is some old-school production art used while developing the parachute look for Towelie and the boys. The notes are there to give animators cues on which color textures to use while animating:


– The Okama Gamesphere is a reference to the Nintendo Gamecube. The word “okama” means “gay” in Japanese.

– The Gamesphere has made a ton of cameos in the background of other episodes, including “Make Love, Not Warcraft”



Where did the idea for the “Towelie” merchandise commercial come from? According to Matt and Trey: That’s the joke. We made a character. We’re immediately gonna put it on a t-shirt, we’re immediately gonna try to sell you it. Even though it’s the worst character of all time.

– At the time, this long shot at the end of the show (below) was a big deal for us. Back then, we didn’t have the computer processing power- it took FOREVER just to render.


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