Behind The Scenes of “About Last Night…”

Go behind-the-scenes as we launch the feature “Six Days to South Park: About Last Night.” Each day’s video represents the actual progress of the episode for one day of production. In the video for day one, you will see how the show looked less than seven days before it aired on Comedy Central. Watch as the show comes together and changes over the course of those six days. Make sure to come back daily for an updated version of the episode.

It all culminates on Tuesday, January 20th, Inauguration Day, with commentary from Eric Stough (Producer), Adrien Beard (Producer), Ryan Quincy (Animation Director), Jack Shih (Supervising Prodoucer). Learn how South Park was able to produce the episode with actual elements from President-Elect Obama’s speech, just 24 hours after the election.

Day Six of this special feature, with commentary, will also be available on the soon-to-be released Season 12 DVD. Oh, and did I mention that this day’s video and commentary will be available in HD on the Blu-Ray disc? Gotta love it!