Goodwill has 3 dolls

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Goodwill has 3 dolls

Postby .TowlieCartman. » Fri Feb 28, 2020 10:48 pm

I found some smaller dolls for 5 dollars each Kyle, Emo looking wendy, and mr. mackey (2002 has a talking box, but seems like it doesn't work anymore, has a tag.)

Anybody have any thoughts? I'm in Oregon if that helps.

I'm wondering do they usually cost more then 5 dollars? Am I missing out on a deal for some dolls?! :santa: :timmy:

It was weird seeing the south park dolls there, i'd never thought goodwill would have any!
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Re: Goodwill has 3 dolls

Postby Big-Will » Sat Feb 29, 2020 6:53 am

Goodwill will take donations. :) Somebody thought enough of the dolls to donate them to Goodwill, which decided to sell them for cheap. Five dollars is a reasonable price for secondhand dolls, but I don't expect many secondhand stores to have them.
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Re: Goodwill has 3 dolls

Postby getbrian » Wed Sep 30, 2020 11:09 pm

Not anymore. For $5 I can’t believe there’s a discussion when you didn’t drop the money to buy the dolls. Do you like self harm? 🤣 You could have sold them here for $10 plus shipping, not to mention eBay with the words SOUTH PARK. I wonder how many are searching just the tag?

Lesson learned, right?
Anyone else have anything? Most likely these were gone in hours :timmy:
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Re: Goodwill has 3 dolls

Postby nateboussad89 » Tue Oct 20, 2020 4:11 pm

I have been looking for this information for a long time, I was very surprised when I found it here.

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