Make Love Not Warcraft (9 Bloopers!)

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Make Love Not Warcraft (9 Bloopers!)

Postby fatfartman » Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:59 pm

I only made a account today, i have only seen a few post's about this episode. So i decided to make my own WITH blooper's i have seen MYSELF.

Blooper 1:

In the final battle between "The evil one", Cartman says "everyone target the scorpion's". However, there wasn't any Scorpions on either of Kenny's, Stan's and Kyle's screen's (You could only see the back of Cartman's monitor so you couldn't see his screen).

Blooper 2:

When the boy's are looking for the "evil one" Stan say's "He's here in Goldshire." However, on Kyle's screen you see him in Stormwind's trade district (he is behind the fountain where the bank is). It's weird how they were in Northshire then suddenly Kyle is in Stormwind then in Goldshire.

Blooper 3:

When Kyle get's "Carpel Tunnel" Cartman goes to get the cream.
On Kyle's screen you see Kyle's character, the "evil one" and Kenny. But however as the view pan's too the right you see on Kenny's monitor that he is in Lakeshire. Near where the Inn is and the Blacksmithing part. And afterwards when Cartman move's too the left and starts rubbing the cream on Kyle's hand you see Kenny on Kyle's screen back in Goldshire.

Blooper 4:

When Randy is running too Stan to give him "The sword of a thousand truth's" he is holding the sword and a shield. Then afterward's when he ask's Stan how to give him the sword Randy's shield is suddenly gone. And when Randy is killed his shield is still gone.

Blooper 5:

When Stan recieve's "The sword a thousand truths" and he say's "I got it!". His sword that he had before that was on the floor is suddenly gone.

Blooper 6:

Whenever you see Kenny's, Stan's, Kyle's or Cartman's screen you see that they are not in party. In the actually game you need to be in party to team speak.

Blooper 7:

When all the boy's in the class decide to try to defeat "evil one", When Randy appear's during the battle he ask's if he can play with Stan and his friends. Stan replies with "Dad, get off our team speak line!" Randy wouldn't even be able to talk to Stan or the rest of the boy's without being in a party / raid with them.

Blooper 8:

Clyde is looking at playboy during the battle with the "evil one". You see him afterward's fighting the scorpion's.

Blooper 9:

Stan's character is meant to be "Lovestospooge" or "Lovestoospooge". However on his screen you see him as "Staniscool".

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