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Postby thatbluepremiumbond » Tue Jan 31, 2023 10:09 pm

Uh some of you lot may not like the idea but hear me out on it. But it would be a good episode idea, like it could be one sided beings Stan has shown to be in love with Wendy but it could be like the Wendy and Token thing, where they got together but instead of those two it’s Stan and Kyle. It wouldn’t be like the Tweek x Craig episode just Kyle coming to realise he likes Stan? I don’t have a single idea how it could play out.

Some reasons it could be canon for us like
Them being in sync with each other
Being SBFS for a long time (Super Best Friends)
Knowing each other since Pre-School
Stan caring a lot for Kyle (stealing Cartmans kidney)
Helping Kyle when injured
Kyle reciprocates this in Fun With Veal
Trying to convince Stan to come back home
Kyle telling Stan that he’s glad to have him back
Trust each other very much / care about each other’s opinions
Mr Garrison putting both boys together to look after a egg
Getting referred as a homosexual relationship by mr garrison
Stan hugging Kyle,telling him he was right and that he loves Kyle

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