Spin-off Idea: "South Park Squad"

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Spin-off Idea: "South Park Squad"

Postby SD_Johnny » Sun Oct 24, 2021 8:06 am

This is an Idea that I made a pilot for a Halloween Special in Fanfiction.Net. Here's the synopsis.

Since the South ParQ Vaccination Special, the boys never got along Except with Kenny, protecting him from the truth. Elimination counts here.


Obviously, Cartman just wants everything but doesn't want to do the hard work of keeping them, even so stated in the ending of the last episode. So he's out. Kyle Obviously can't keep a homeless around the house. I dunno how, it's the fact I read Hitler's Mein Kampf and figured out like, "yeah... Kenny's not gonna have fun here...", and so, leaves a member alive. STAN MARSH.... PERFECT.

PART 2:Who gets Kyle's "I learned something" part?

I did a random pick based off the Vanossgaming gimmick and style of jokes, let the black boy do it. And it makes sense knowing that Token's not a cockbag, just a chicken magnet for girls who are after him for his money.

Part 3: Who keeps Eric Cartman's Spot?

I used a knock off of Flippy from Happy Tree Friends, a boy in camo clothes named Flip Hazel. As usual, some of you ACTUALLY KNOW Flippy. He's a kind hearted gentleman with the memory of a Vietnam War. In joke terms, he's like Mexican Joker, only white. Loud Noises trigger his instinct to kill and ravage any bully that came across his path. In the demo, Shelly screamed loud enough to trigger it, and got her ass handed to her. Sure, he may not solely keep Cartman's pedestal of being an assh*le, but simple roasts and genital jokes are enough to separate him from Peter Griffin.


Final Part: Extra Members?

This is called the South Park Band. Like I said before, we can keep everyone intact, just not together until everyone rebuilds their broships.


Things you need to know:

There is a Wendy Testaburger lookalike in Tegridy School, a school formed by Randy based on weed and education. She goes by Connie Hornpipe, and she serves as Stan's replacement Girlfriend, someone Flip RATHER ENJOYS HAVING OVER THAN the actual Wendy Testaburger, deepening the joke about the world's most ideal girlfriend over the girl most girls want to be. (No Femenism intended).

Flip is generally ALSO an assh*le, but not too much. This is a joke about most autistic people being meaner than nice, especially with the experience I had, not that I hate them.

There's a Codename:Kids Next Door Type Villain like Reality from the Safe Space Episode, called Mr Logic. A man who destroys PC Ideas with actual research and logic.

Also, Randy owns a school at Tegridy Farms

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