Heath Ledger

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Heath Ledger

Postby ComedyLiker23 » Mon Mar 10, 2008 2:31 am

Since Matt and Trey are not shy to make fun of tragic events, the death of Heath Ledger is a possible humor source in Season 12. My idea for it was that the boys were looking forward to seeing that Dark Knight movie, which comes out this summer. As they are talking about it, Kyle mentions that the actor who played the Joker had died two months ago. The boys were shocked about it, but later they thought it was funny. They made up jokes like how Batman finally got the job done. The boys just kept making more jokes. Later, their parents overheard one of the jokes, and became unhappy about it. They would start grounding them for it, and tell them that is uncalled for to make jokes about someone's death. Later on the episode, controversy starts in South Park on the boys' jokes about Heath Ledger. And by the end of the episode, there is a message from Stan where he says that "maybe it is a good thing to joke on tragic events. That way, people can stop being sad about it, and maybe for a change be happy. If you find humor in tragic events, you'll be able to get over it more quickly."

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