Polar Express Under Siege

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Polar Express Under Siege

Postby icsws55 » Mon Dec 10, 2007 12:39 am

This is inspired by "Polar Express," Under Siege", and "Throw Momma From The Train."

Cartman gets ready to leave home on Christmas Eve.

Liane: Sweetie, aren't you gonna stop to have dinner?
Cartman: No thanks. I'm eating out.
Liane: Okay, see you when you get back home.

Later, Cartman sees the Polar Express come and he meets a Tom Hanks impersonator. Tom tells Cartman that the train goes to the north pole. Cartman keeps arguing that it's not and Tom yells, "Just get your f*ckin' ass on the train!"
On the train after the kids have hot cocoa, Cartman pulls the emergency switch and Tom gets really pissed at Cartman. Cartman yells, "Hey! What about Kentucky Fried Chicken?" Tom says, "We only have hot cocoa.You don't like that rule, that's tough sh*t! You should've had dinner before you went on this train. Now, sit your f*ckin' ass back on that seat. If you pull that switch again, I'll chain your ass to the seat!"
After Tom checks for tickets, he finds out that Butters lost his and Tom puts Butters to hard labor in the front train. During the next train stop, Ike runs to the train and Kyle tries to stop him. Too late, the train moves. Kyle ends up on the train and orders Cartman to pull the emergency switch because Kyle is "too Jewish" to be on the Polar Express. Cartman yells "f*ck no!" and threatens to murder Kyle. This part is gonna be like "Throw Momma From The Train."
Kyle screams "AAAAAAAAUGH! Murderer on the train!" Cartman holds Kyle upside down outside the train door and cusses him out (Just like Billy Crystal's character hold the old lady upside outside the train door.)
This part is gonna be like "Under Siege." After Cartman attempts to murder Kyle, the train gets stopped by terrorists and they plan to use the train to blow up Santa's Village. Will Cartman and his friends save Christmas before it's too late?

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