S23E07: "Board Girls" postshow discussion

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Re: S23E07: "Board Girls" postshow discussion

Postby kfgg » Sat Nov 16, 2019 6:25 pm

Aside from the intro changes, they really are not doing anything unusual here.

They go after Trump one week, Right wing fans “Stop being political” “Worst episode ever” Left wing fans “Awesome”

Skip over to “PC Babies” and an over the top “trans” one time use character, Right Wing fans and media “Best episode ever!” some left wing media and people on twitter are calling them “Transphobes”

That’s how they roll.

Rest of the fan base just liked the board game storyline this week.
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Re: S23E07: "Board Girls" postshow discussion

Postby inuyasha_demon » Sun Nov 17, 2019 12:33 am

I loved it and died of laughter seeing the Macho Man expy being Strong Woman's opponent. I think there was a trans MMA fighter, and they seemed to be poking fun at that and more.
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Re: S23E07: "Board Girls" postshow discussion

Postby Wirxaw » Sun Nov 17, 2019 11:24 pm

Well, it's not exactly the old South Park, not nearly there... But I personally feel like this is the step in the right direction. I liked how we finally got to see the PC after Buddha Box, I like how the most despicable characters get "woke", and the whole women's sports issue has been so blown out that even I managed to heard about it on tech websites, no less. So that much has been fun and meaningful.

But that.... clearly pulled out of your a*s for a one-off episode scenario, where Cartman is actually playing "bored games" with Scott and Butters, and gets involved with some plot device C-list characters, and suddenly Cartman is compared to the transgender, because... he is the ultimate punchline, and for whatever reason all the girls in planet South Park have forgotten about their "Stupid Spoiled ***** Video Playset" history and all become Dr. Lisa Su-s ... All just for the sake of trolling and causing a reaction from Cartman fans and "boys who might be insulted by a girl winning"(even if that victory is more written than Rey in SW: Episode 7). That... kind of spoiled the impression.

4\10 - getting there, guys. Not a waste of time anymore, but... get your sht together.
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Re: S23E07: "Board Girls" postshow discussion

Postby SirMatthew » Mon Nov 18, 2019 5:45 am

What I am really tired of is PC Principal and Strong Woman and their progeny. I thought the trans-Randy Savage was hilarious because of its ridiculousness, which is classic South Park. I felt OLD when they were listing the board games because I knew maybe ONE of them. I gave the episode a terrible rating on IMDB and was shocked to see so many positive reviews and I realized that I was taking annoyance with the PC characters out on the rest of the show. I watched it a second time and if i ignore my dislike for PC whatever his name is (I really couldn't care less), the show WAS classic South Park. I re-watched several episodes this season and while I do get tired of Randy and Tegridy this and that, I still found those funny, too.

If only we could get rid of that whole PC clan!

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