South Park Role Play

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South Park Role Play

Postby daphnelovessp » Sun Jun 29, 2014 5:51 pm

Hey guys! :D I'm not really sure where to post this because i'm new, so because i'm an annoying f*cker i'll post it in the fanfic and general section. (Like I said, i'm new, so please excuse my avatar! It's seriously bothering me so much, i've tried to edit it a million times but apparently i'm a dumbass because it won't save! grrrr.... :cry:)

Anywaysss...hi! I'm Daphne :) and I'm a weirdo who likes to role play South Park. Let me tell you, it's the hardest f*cking thing to find someone who wants to role play, and even harder to role play someone who likes South Park. I mean, sure, there are those websites made specifically for role playing, but HOLY f*ck you guys, I must be the only person there who wants to create an oc and all that. Most of the rp's online consist of Stan and Kyle having buttsex and being all lovey dovey, which you know, that's great for them and all but i'm not looking to do that. Then I realized that there's literally A FORUM FOR SOUTH PARK LOVERS AND I FELT LIKE THE BIGGEST DUMBASS IN THE WORLD. So here I am!

If you're interested, please message me at (OBVIOUSLY THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL EMAIL, IT WAS MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR ROLE PLAY, DON'T FREAK OUT SP STUDIOS!! not sure if they would freak out anyways...but just playing it safe ;) )

Rules: (they aren't as bad as they sound, I know I probably sound like a freak but bare with me mmkay?)

1. I only role play through email. My email is linked to my phone so I can respond quicker.

2. No one liners, please.

3. No Gary/Mary Sue's. My oc is based on myself, so I can get that, but please don't make your oc perfect. (NOBODY'S PERFECT, I GOTTA WORK IT!!! no? okay....)

4. I do lemons! I also like to make the rp really romantic/cheesy (heyicanthelpitimagirl) (Don't worry, I still stay in character.) Please let me know if you aren't comfortable with any of that, since this is South Park i'm going to assume I can do some R rated stuff lol.

5. You play my crush, i'll play yours. (Pretty sure most people know that...just making sure though :) )

6. Don't be afraid to tell me if I'm doing something you don't like! I take criticism very seriously, I want this role play to be fun for the both of us. Also, if you have any plots or headcanons, please share with me! I'm very flexible.

7. I don't do beastiality, incest, rape/sexual abuse, or anything that I think is going too far (even for South Park). Other than that I am up for anything.

8. If you have decided to quit the role play, or are just simply too busy, please message me. I don't want to wait, because I get into it haha! and it gets so upsetting to wonder'what's going on? Are they gonna reply?

9. If you ever need to talk outside the rp, i'm totally cool with that! Usually if I have any ideas or any concerns, i'll email you separate from the role play to discuss it :) Plus we can be SP buddies! I always love talking about SP!

10. Grammar/spelling doesn't have to be perfect, (as I have just demonstrated lol.) I just need to know what I'm reading. no text lingo please :)

That's it! message me if you're intrested, I look forward to hearing from you. :) I know I probably sound like a f*cking freak/desperate/annoying, but hey, I thought it was worth a try! :unhoodedkenny:


Ps: I always do the rp's when they are in high school, the idea of fourth graders having sex and other romantic stuff is very disturbing to me lol. I *might* make an exception though (depending how desperate I am - which at this point is pretty damn desperate lol).

So...yeah! thanks for reading :)

x Daphne
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SP Roleplay?

Postby AlienChaos1009 » Thu Nov 20, 2014 5:23 am

Heey, I'm kinda new here, and I was wondering if there are some people here interested to RP(with OCs ir canon)...

If there is a good site(or even a topic on this forum) where I can RP(if outside the forum, please, a RP with only OCs?), could you people please tell me?

Thanks. (:
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Re: SP Roleplay?

Postby Big-Will » Thu Nov 20, 2014 5:27 am

Moved to the fan games subforum. I don't think we do much roleplay here, but best of luck to you.
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Re: South Park Role Play

Postby AlienChaos1009 » Thu Nov 20, 2014 5:44 am

I... would like to... (:
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Re: SP Roleplay?

Postby agent-FSS » Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:06 pm

What is it? Somewhere here I have already seen something similar.

There is
viewtopic.php?f=2&t=91889 ... Can your unite?
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Re: South Park Role Play

Postby agent-FSS » Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:11 pm

Someone else? However... what's with people this happens?

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