Video player stuck

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Video player stuck

Postby Maarten_ » Sun Nov 15, 2015 10:52 am

Hi, recently I have come across a bug that prevents me from watching complete episodes on this site.
I would just watch an episode and when the first part ends the player gets black and at the bottom it says "your content should return quickly".
This first occurred to me when i was using an adblocker so i decided to turn it of for this website.
This didn't help so tried just deleting adblocker and restarting the browser (safari on a mac btw) this also didn't help. I tried making an account just to see if that was the problem, it wasn't. I live in the Netherlands so maybe the servers aren't so good here? Anyways I hope that somebody can help me with this and maybe other people have experienced this bug aswel.

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