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by darkinferno1981
Wed Apr 28, 2010 1:32 am
Forum: Season 14
Topic: Cartman/Mitch Conner mistake in "201"
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Re: Cartman/Mitch Conner mistake in "201"

allygirl56 wrote : > I noticed at a part in the new "201" episode, when all of the > boys are at that docter Menophestos place, Cartman tells Kyle to shut up > but both his mouth and "Mitch Conners" mouths move. I think he > said "Shut up Jew" Im sorry that I can't get ...
by darkinferno1981
Wed Apr 28, 2010 1:17 am
Forum: Fan Art
Topic: Real Life Butters!
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Re: Real Life Butters!


Hahahaha that guy is half-Butters and half-Guile from Street Fighter 2... after drugs, of course :mrgreen:

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