Production Blog 04/01/2008


PA Gary

This week’s episode dabbles in the area of internet stardom and I’m starting to wonder why I wasn’t consulted on this topic. My first blog of my PA career garnered 16 replies and if that doesn’t mean I’m at the top of my game, what does, right?

I started to do some research and realized that lonelygirl22, or whatever her name is, got 6 trillion hits in, I believe it was like 12 hours. After seeing that I realized I was gonna have to step up my game, especially if I have to carry people like Rob and his meager 3 replies on his last blog. Good job PA Rob?or shall I call you ‘The Anchor?’

People get famous for anything nowadays and I want a piece of the action. PA Mike and I have been brainstorming ideas?

PA Mike
I’m happy to be writing this week’s blog with Gary. He’s a great guy, but he (and I) could both be greater.

Becoming a star for saving people in a fire, or for singing on TV is a totally lame way to become known. The cool, super easy thing to do these days is to do something stupid and then post it on “the web” for people to laugh at you.

I know a lot of people out here who’re trying to “make it” in this business by writing, acting or assisting when really what they should be doing is letting a cat chomp them on the nutsack or set fire to their step-dad’s car. (NOTE FOR STUPID PEOPLE: DO NOT DO ANYTHING WE DESCRIBE HERE).

I’ve come up with a pretty awesome idea for how to become famous: I’m going to take a picture of myself every day for a year while only eating snacks that I find at South Park Studios. Once I get morbidly obese, I’ll just lose a bunch of weight and marry my girlfriend! Then I’ll take all the pictures, animate them flickering one after another, then throw “I’m a Barbie Girl” song in the background, or something. You’ll be able to watch me grow like a balloon, then suddenly become super skinny. Blam. Fame, marriage, free candy. Perfect idea for a perfect life. It’s one of those ideas that lets you sit back and sigh, like you’ve just blasted a big fart, because of how perfect and unassailable it is. How about you, Gary? Any ideas?

PA Gary
I like PA Mike’s idea, but I don’t know if I have the same level of dedication he has. I’m in this for the quick and easy solution. Such as:
1) Dressing up and reenacting the most famous paparazzi shots of the last year. Yes, even the upskirt shots, ya pervs.
2) Me hitting someone in the nuts while the Pope watches and laughs
3) Create a cartoon about 4 nine year olds living in Colorado
As you can see, we don’t anything that seems to scream ‘superstar.’ What this means is that we want to hear from you, yes you the reader, and hear what you think is the key to internet stardom. Below this is YOUR space, to talk and giggle and dance the merry dance of internet stardom.

Also: we’ve added a bonus image! Can you guess what this was used for while making “Major Boobage”?