Production Blog 03/18/2008

Hello internet! We’re back for another season. Gary, great blog last week! You’re already an invaluable addition to our coke and taco purchasing department.

So this week’s episode is all about a mistake that the boys make, and how they deal with its gruesome consequences.

I decided to go around the office and interview some South Park staffers to see if they had any memorable mistakes that ended up with gruesome consequences.

Nate the production assistant says:

. . .

Beautiful, honest words from a man of the same description. Nobody else felt that they could share after such a powerful admission, so we’ll end the interviews there.

I’ll give you, the internet readership, a minute to regain your composure. While you’re waiting, take a look at this picture of PA Nate’s dog on his parents’ roof in New Hampshire.

Lately the PAs have been talking about what animal would be best to have genetically miniaturized as a pet. Here are some nominees, in order of increasing popularity:

That’s all I have for this week. Hope you all enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed writing this blog. Which was TONS.
– Mike