Production Blog Entry for Season 13 Mid-Season Finale

In 1968 Paul Anka rewrote the lyrics to Claude François’ “Comme d’habitude,” into the song “My Way” for Frank Sinatra. The song “My Way” had many reincarnations including renditions by Elvis Presley and Sid Vicious.

We here at South Park felt that this week’s episode 1307, the last episode of the first half of season thirteen, was especially special and deserved a tribute.

Sparing no expense we brought Paul Anka in to rewrite the lyrics once more changing the song from “My Way” to “Wednesday.” Unfortunately Sid Vicious was unavailable for a recording session, and by unavailable I mean uninterested and by uninterested I mean dead by heroin. Here are those Paul Anka lyrics.

We’ve worked, such crazy hours
On what’s new by Matt and Trey
And now we’ll be, up all night
To air it Wednesday

Six weeks we’ve enjoyed
The Jonas Brothers rings of purity
The Coon became annoyed
With Mysterion and his own obscurity

We now know, queefing is cool
And rappers can be fish sooo gay
Never break Pinewood Derby rules
We learned last Wednesday

Tomorrow night
We’ll watch Cartman,
Run away
With a few friends,
They’ll try to live the pirate way
For right now that’s all I’ll say
So from the crew
We hope that you
Enjoy this Wednesday

Yes! It airs Wednesday!

See you in October.