Production Blog Entry for 10/05/10

Annnnddd we’re back. It’s been a few months since we last spoke and quite frankly I miss you guys like I miss NOT working on the weekends. I know most of you spent your summer in rehab working through the shakes that are symptomatic of the withdrawal you feel when you realize there are is not going to be new South Park for a while. If so, then I have good news. Ladies and gentlemen I’m proud to say a brand, shiny new South Park episode called ?Poor and Stupid? airs tomorrow night on Comedy Central? I’ll meet you in the back alley and well talk prices? (It usually goes for about zero dollars and airs at 10pm.)

Ok now that everyone can breath a little easier, I want to use the rest of this blog to talk about something near and dear to my heart and I’m not talking about cupcakes. I’m talking about the animals. “Feed the Whales,” “Save the Bay,” “Heal the Chickens,” “Kick the Baby,” “March of the Penguins,” are all great slogans about animals but I want to you guys to support a new one. It?s called “Name the Fish.” Now I’m not talking about just any fish. I’m talking about the official, “South Park Production Office Fish!” (insert fan fare here).

It took many hours and I was sweating a lot but I think I came up with five creative and awesome names for the fish. The only problem is I am an indecisive muggle so I guess I’ll let you guys vote and pick the winner.

Here’s “no-name” floating around like it’s his job.
South Park Office Fish