Production Blog Entry for 03/23/2010

Hello fellow fans of South Park!

Sam here, suffering from a severe case of “Fresh Production Assistant” syndrome (a one hundred percent, clinically certified disease, by the way). But, fear not! I have been doing my best to get in just the right amount of late-night Starbucks runs before every meal, as per my doctors orders.

But enough about me . . . let’s talk about me. My prodigious background in programming of the highest caliber led me to this lofty position as a PA. In fact, my first job in Los Angeles was on none other than the critically acclaimed Bad Girls Club Season 3. Now, I’m not sure if you’ve seen this show, but it’s a healthy mix of 24 meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, with a slight hint of Brittney Spear’s Oscar winning Crossroads tossed in. In fact, on my first day on the job, one of the lovely Bad Girls tried to use her womanly ways to tempt me into staying as I dropped her off at her hotel. Stay classy, Bad Girls!

After that amazing experience, I worked on other such box office smashes as the Real World/ Road Rules Challenge: The Duel 2, and the Youtube sensation, Eros Rammazzotti’s “Parla Con Me”. Seriously. If your soul doesn’t weep with reminiscent tears of your childhood, you have no soul. . .

Thank God for South Park.