Production Blog Entry for 10/19/10

Dear World,

Every week I surf learning about you people, reading your post blog quips and comments. I observe how you think?

Last week you confused me. How is it that we had almost 4000 of you guys read the ?name the fish blog? and only 152 people read about PA David?s amazing escapades in search of everything Vagisil makes??? I just don?t understand?

David?s story had the funny. The fish blog was just that, a blog about a fish.

I spent a lot of time pondering why this happened and I realized four things:

1. I must be losing touch with this young generation of SP watchers. (NOOOOO!)
2. I am the only one who enjoyed reading about David and Vagisil.
3. I really REALLY like the band Grand Funk Railroad.
4. AND you guys just like the pictures!!!

Below there is a picture of “Steve”, the beta fish. Yup, ?Steve? was the winning name and it’s kind of embarrassing. I wrote the blog and you picked my name. I don?t want to be the guy who names a goddamn fish after himself but fair is fair and you voted. Thank you, you?re too kind.

And now, because I know you like them………PICTURES!!

Jr. Programmer Angus who helps us publish the blog on the site! Awesome!!!

Kim Jong Il
KIM JONG hates having his picture taken. OMG Pictures!!

Steve, David and Steve
Steve the fish with David and Steve the Person

PS Tomorrow night?s episode is called In-sheep-tion? Which is something I won?t be counting as I stay up all night helping to finish this awesome show.

Double PS Today is someone very special’s birthday! I can?t tell you who, but I think you can figure it out. Do yourself a favor and wish him a happy birthday in the comments or he?ll stop writing South Park.