Episode 1301 Available Online

The season 13 premiere of “The Ring” is now available on-line and for the first time ever in widescreen!

We want our fans to have the BEST opportunity to enjoy the show online, so you may have noticed we added some cool upgrades to the full episode player. Check out the new search feature, on-page commenting, dynamic and manual bandwidth detection, true fullscreen, and the ever-requested random episode button. We also added the “special” button to the navigation bar, where you can find the Uncensored Director’s Cut of Imaginationland: The Movie. We will be adding more surprises to “special” section over the next few months.

So sit back and enjoy the season 13 premiere in true fullscreen and widescreen! Better yet, if you have a monitor at least 1280 pixels wide and good internet connection you’ll understand another reason our full episode experience is even better than before.

Watch it Now!