Production Blog Update

Dear You,

For those of you wondering the outcome of Kenny’s bet, (see last entry), it was I, David, the new PA here at the fantastic South Park Studios resort and casino who has won. And in accordance to the rules and regulations, as the funniest/best-looking/smartest of the PAs, it is my sworn duty to update you, the devoted South Park follower, on the latest goings-on.

After a week’s worth of activities, I think it’s safe to say the daily requirements of a PA at South Park are like those of any other studio. By 9 am the coffee must be made, the printers filled with paper, the kitchen restocked and the mud-wrestling pit re-moistened. Then its time for making runs, (to drop-off and pickup), the destinations for which can be as diverse as accounting firms, Comedy Central, the supermarket, rehab, prison, Hell, the ER, and of course the post office. Catered meals must be ready on time or I take a beating from my supervisor. Ironically this only happens to new PAs named David who were born in 1985 and who bear a striking resemblance to no one in particular.

Anyway its time to get you amped for this Wednesday’s episode.

Do you like music? dancing? school? Then see High School Musical 3. However if you like rich satire on music and dancing and school, then don’t miss tomorrow’s episode. Matt, Trey and the entire crew are, as always, working on no hours sleep. Everyone is charged by Red Bull, coffee, and a delicious Penne pasta mixed with sun dried tomato, a dash of julienned basil, sprinkled with pine nuts, with a touch of aged Balsamic, and lovingly garnished with olive oil.

These guys are on the edge, sacrificing an entire evening of sitting naked on the sofa with a brew viewing whatever cheap hackneyed humor TV has on a Tuesday night to make us, AMERICA, keel over with laughter. This of course means its best for me, the new PA, a stranger in their midst, not to make any sudden movements.

Hope you guys enjoy yourselves tomorrow night! LATERS.