Production Blog 11/04/2008

Hey there South Park-orinos!!!!!

Thanks for checking back in with us. Hope all is well? Sincerely, I hope that. How’s your week been? I want all of you to let me know how you’re doing. Yes, that’s right, I want you to comment on this blog and tell me about yourselves. Feel free to also tell me how awesome I am.

This is definitely not a ploy to see which one of the PA’s can get more comments on their blog than the others.

Gary, Steve, Dave, and I, most certainly did not make a bet to see who the fans of the show think is the funniest/best-looking/smartest out of the PA’s here at South Park. Did I mention how great I think you all are? Well, I think that. And I’m Kenny. The PA.

Anywho, tonight’s a big night here at South Park. In case you haven’t heard, America will be deciding who will be our next president*. But, more importantly, the staff here at South Park will be up all night working on Wednesday’s show. Which means we, the PA’s, have been given the noble task of giving the staff updates throughout the night on the election. This is a very big deal, since the premise of tomorrow’s show may or may not depend entirely on the outcome. Who ever said, “South Park isn’t topical” was lying through there teeth if you ask me. (No one said that. And no one asked me.)

Well, that’s all for now. I’m off to count some more votes. (And by that, I mean go to Baja Fresh for Trey.)

*I just found out today but apparently George W. Bush is the president of the United States!