Production Blog 11/04/2008

Hello boggers in blogger world. PA Steve here with your weekly helping of South Park. Last week “Pandemic 2 : The Startling” aired and I wanted to introduce you to the stars of the show. I would have never guessed that early in my career at South Park, I would be a part of a rare and amazing live action extravaganza. We had some very big, important stars come in and read for the monster Guinea Pig roles but we ended up going all out and getting the real thing. Enter Radcliff, Shaymus, Guinevere and Titan who were flown in from Papa New Guinea, (ironic? I think so). Each star, in his or her own right, proved to be a bit demanding. Aside from talking back to Matt and Trey and pooping on the carpet, Guinevere demanded fresh carrots cut into cubes every hour on the hour. Titan requested 14 bottles of Jack Daniels, a poster of Miley Cyrus, and a private screening of High School Musical III. Radcliff was easy going as long as he was watching rerun episodes of Steven Bochco’s 1990 mega flop Cop Rock but, Shaymus refused to work unless he could see or hear a football game. When it came for Lights! Camera! Action!, they were breathtaking. Their brilliant performance, whether they were nibbling or slowly walking, is what made the “Pandemic” episodes so special. Pictures below will put names to furry faces and give you an idea of how we made “Pandemic” and “Pandemic 2” possible.

Shaymus, laying down on the job! Go Buckaneers!!

Shaymus II, looking sad because he couldn’t see the football game. Time to work lil guy!!!

Titan, dressed as a Bunny, working hard under the hot lights. It’s obviously not easy being a star.

That’s all for this week from me, here’s Kenny with a lil more sweet South Park lovin’.