Production Blog Entry for 11/16/10

Dear Planet Earth,

I have some terrible news to report. This is the last blog of Season 14. Tomorrow night South Park will air the final episode of the year. It is entitled ?Crème Fraiche? and for all those Food Network addicts out there (ME) get your food processors, blast chillers, ceviche?s and whatever other weird shit they have on that channel and let?s cook something!

This week, being our last week and all, we wanted to eat something awesome. We hired the winners of ?The Great Food Truck Race? on Food Network without even knowing we were doing a Food Network episode. The dudes from the ?Grill Em All? truck specialize in MASSIVE burgers and killer fries. It was an honor and a pleasure to have them. They cooked the shit out of about 96 burgers in less than an hour. Mind-blowing, I know. Fast and tasty is how we like it around here. Pictures below. These guys rock!

The Truck
The Truck!

Waste em all burger
The Waste Em All Burger with green Chilies (fries not pictured)

PAs and Truck Crew
Me and the Grill Em All Dudes.

Now I know it?s not even Thanksgiving yet, but we here at SP like to get in the Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, and whatever the Mormons celebrate spirit. PA Mike, David, our Production Coordinator, Elyse and I got down and dirty to put together all the crew gifts we leave our peeps with before they head home for the winter hiatus. There are all kinds of pictures below so enjoy!

Finally, do yourself a favor and go see Matt and Trey?s new musical, ?The Book of Mormon? on Broadway. It will kick major ass I promise. Previews start in late February and opens in late March so you have time to save your milk money.


E-Town after a loooong day?s rockin?

Assembly line of PA David and PA Mike
Assembly line of PA David and PA Mike

PA Davids bags
PA David swimming in a sea of BAGS.

PA Sam wishing all of us Happy Holidays with his ever growing ?wanna be? Santa Beard.

See you guys next year for SEASON 15 and thanks for being the best fans ever.