Production Blog Entry for 04/14/2009

Welcome one and all to week six of Season 13. It is true we are tired. It is true we only have two more episodes to share with you until the fall. It is true I like Baby Blues BBQ (which we had for dinner). It is true that the Easter Bunny is real. He came to South Park and delivered candy apples and oddly Season 12 on DVD.
People often call up and ask what we do with our time when we work on holidays such as Easter. South Park town shuts down for no one! NO ONE! Not even Jesus! This Easter, while working, I had the privilege to interview someone very special here at South Park?PA Kenny. The transcription is as follows via good ole’ fashion G-chat:

Steve: So Kenny, happy Easter.
Kenny: Happy zombie Jesus day to you sir.
Steve: Where you from?
Kenny: Milwaukee
Steve: Oh, I’m sorry! Moving on. -Audience laughs-
Kenny: So what’s the scoop on the episode this week?
Steve: Well honestly I’m very pumped because I once raced a pinewood derby car.
Kenny: I love pinewood derby cars!!!! They’re my third favorite derby car!
Kenny: How was it coming in to work on Easter?
Steve: It was weird considering I’ve never worked on Easter… wait aren’t I the one interviewing you?
Kenny: Well, what made you want to interview me?
Steve: Frankly I’m fascinated by the way you answer phones and your food choices are terrific. How do you go about selecting the crew’s snacks?
Kenny: Why thank you! You’re no slouch yourself! Well, I think about what I want to eat, and then I consider how much money I can spend on the stuff that I want, then if I have any money left over I try to buy snacks for the rest of the crew.
Steve: Ok. Fair enough. What’s your favorite color?
Kenny: So basically if I get $100 to buy snacks with, I spend $98 dollars on Lean Pockets and $2 on fruit and veggies. Orange.
Steve: Delicious and healthy!
Steve: This was a weird interview. I’m not exactly sure why we just did that.
Kenny: Well Steve, great question!
Steve: What?
Kenny: What’s your favorite thing about working at South Park?
Steve: The interviews over.
Steve: I guess it’s the free food and the millions of fans that ask for my autograph.
Kenny: Nice?no one asks for your autograph do they?
Steve: Kenny?
Kenny: Ok fine.
Steve: Good.
Kenny: one more thing?
Steve: No.

Yes, I agree that was weird. I also agree it was possibly a bit pointless, but I wanted to give the faithful blog readers some insight as to what we do with the little down time we have here.

PS? a congratulatory mention in next weeks blog to the person who pokes Nathan Chaffetz (PA Nate) the most this week on the Facebook. If you have to friend him first, do it! Please be relentless in your poking 17 to 15 times a day is suitable. And also a mention for the person who has the weirdest hometown name (I have no idea why I wrote that but I am curious.) Enjoy this week’s show?

DOUBLE PS: If you race pinewood derby cars let me know!!! I will kick your asses!!

Love and Hugs and ?

PA Steve