South Park 10 The Game: Press Release

From today’s Comedy Central Press Release:
Comedy Central Mobile to launch “South Park 10: The Game” cross carriers and internationally on Wednesday, March 28

Mobile Game Features “South Park” Playable Characters Including Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Scuzzlebutt, Mr. Hankey, Lemmiwinks And Many More

“South Park 10: The Game” Was Developed With South Park Studios And RealNetworks

“South Park 10: The Game” was developed in close collaboration between RealNetworks award-winning mobile game studio, South Park Studios and Comedy Central to provide fans with a gaming experience that encapsulates the show’s attitude and voice. Mobile consumers playing “South Park 10: The Game” will get to choose from series mainstays Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman as well as other favorite characters such as Starvin’ Marvin, Lemmiwinks, Butters, Mr. Hankey and many more. The 40-level action/adventure mobile game incorporates both platform action and puzzle elements including fighting ninjas, rescuing cows and capturing hippies!

“The ‘South Park’ phenomenon reaches beyond the boundaries of television,” said Erik Flannigan, senior vice president, Digital Media, Comedy Central. “With the global launch of ‘South Park 10: The Game,’ Comedy Central is providing wireless consumers with the ultimate ‘South Park’ mobile gaming experience.”