Production Blog 10/28/2008

Good evening everyone! PA Steve here to fill you in on all things South Park this week. So, as most of you know, we have a big group sleep/ work over at South Park on Tuesday nights to finish the show. Sometimes, at 4 a.m., Matt and Trey call upon my expert vocal services to lay down some background voices for characters that they don’t have time or want to do.

This week with everyone in South Park getting startled, there is bound to be a need for a lot of screaming, yelling, and yelping people. Which is where I come in. Along with various storyboard artists and animators, I get to moonlight as an ADR artist. We are called in to lay down the background tracks that you hear on the show. So every time you hear a soldier yell or a man scream feel free to send me or some of my colleagues a digital pat on the back. It’s surreal to be recording with Matt. Those of you who are religious South Park watchers like myself can imagine how amazing it is to be in the room when he busts out a Terrance or Phillip voice or other classic characters, like Butters! The 4 a.m. recording time is something to get used to but it beats sleeping.

In other news, Halloween is approaching and needless to say we are very excited. Eric Stough brought in a rather large scarecrow with a crazy pumpkin head to hangout in our foyer. It makes a great addition to the office and it will scare away the damn crows that keep flying around my desk.

This week’s blog is all over the place but there are a lot of cool things that have happened that I want to fill you in on. Hot Dog Cart!! We had a hot dog truck grace us with its presence at work today. I prefer to call it the yum yum delicious truck that brings joy to my belly but that’s neither here nor there. After a 90 hour plus week hot dogs are delicious meat treats that either make you pass out due to food coma or give you that extra boost you need to finish one of the craziest episodes of the season. I am currently writing this deep in the middle of a food coma. Coma aside we are very excited about Pandemic 2: The Startling? I’m so startled!!!!

That is all for this weeks bloggy. I have to go practice screaming and yelling like a soldier. Can’t wait to read your comments, yes I can read. If you have any questions leave them there and I’ll try to get to them this week. Also I want to know what everyone is going as for Halloween. I am going as Satan from the show, dildo and Saddam not included. That’s it, Thank You, Good Night, God Bless, Good Luck, Adios and Seeee Yaaaaaa.