Newest Entry in the Production Blog: The Greatest Show

This WEDNESDAY! WEDNESDAY! WEDNESDAY! The GREATEST show! The most BRUTAL of fourth graders! The BIGGEST event in the history of pro wrestling will happen…in the most PODUNK of mountain towns! (fireworks) Prepare your sorry butts for non-stop action as our boys in South Park take on the world of wrestling! Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and all the rest have never been so utterly awesome! It’s the ULTIMATE experience as this ULTIMATE Wednesday South Park airs one half hour of ULTIMATE ULTIMACY.

Also this week we celebrate big boss man, Trey Parker’s birthday with a totally savage Acura cake! Here are a few pics to satisfy the eyes! HELL YEAH!

This is a once in lifetime opportunity to see your favorite characters unleash the beast! Be there or be smashed into squirming piles of wussified scum, sliced, diced and prepped twenty minutes for total annihilation!