Production Blog 03/06/2007

First the good news… South Park has two new PA’s!

PA Mike- (Nickname: McBacon)
Mike came to us from another comedy central show, Drawn Together. This explains why he’s so funny. While I have issues with him being a self described Xbox 360 Fanboy, he has thus far excelled in making fast runs, answering phone calls in a polite manner, and eating all the free food.

PA Jeff- (Insert banjo music here)
He listens to country music, he has a gun rack in his truck, and his wife might actually be his sister. Jeff joins us with a ferocity not found in most living creatures. Watching him break down cardboard boxes is like watching a Silver Backed Gorilla peeling a banana… Breathtaking.

Now, onto the more topical issue of racism at South Park… I’d like to address a few of the racist comments that people have taken offense to this last week.

“Fried chicken for lunch again?”
Before I heard this, I had no idea that food could be racist. Sure, I knew there were some groups of people that naturally gravitated towards certain foods like how Asians crave lasagna, and how Hindus kill for cheeseburgers (Insert rimshot here). But, I really didn’t think that someone could take offense to eating fried poultry.

“We like our brown friends at UPS.”
I have a problem with this statement being racist. I understand how you could take offense to it, but I believe the person who said it was talking about those lovely brown shorts the drivers wear. We all know it’s every woman’s fantasy to have Collin Farrell wearing those body hugging brown shorts knocking on their door holding a dozen roses.

“Wait… You mean you haven’t seen the hit movie Boomerang?”
This is wrong. This is just plain wrong…

I guess my point in all this is that people get offended very easily. Well, that and South Park is back…