Production Blog for October 7, 2008

Dearly beloved we are gathered here on this glorious blog to say our heartfelt goodbyes to those who are no longer with us. Mike, Nate, and Rob you will sadly be missed. Your smiles, laughter, keen sense of all things lovely, and dogs will be in our hearts forever. For many episodes you three held down the fort here at ye ole’ SP forming an unbreakable alliance and bond that only the strongest form of Goo Gone could break. That Goo Gone came in the form of fancy new jobs, multi-cam editing and New York City and may I add a side of hardcore New Jersey Underground Punk Music? Mike has moved on to the great assistant’s gig in the sky while Rob lives in the Big Apple and Nate, well let’s just say Nate smells like alcohol.

We would now like to proudly announce the new era of South Park PA’s.?

Combined we form the elite force that is the new PA staff here at “The Park” . We are masters of our craft and we are ready to buy the finest tacos in all the land.

Lots of things have been happening here at The Park. Most importantly, we all got new Porsche’s from Matt and Trey as a happy summer gift. We also WON AN EMMY!!!! Yes that’s correct. You heard correctly. Imaginationland won an Emmy beating Family Guy and some other crap for best-animated program over one hour. We celebrated here with “punch and pie”,(booze and booze), in true South Park style? And we may or may not have slammed our Emmy into a cake that may or may not have had a rendering of the Family Guy cast on it.

Anyway, this week’s episode deals with a very touchy subject, the Chinese.

This will be a doosey of a show kicking off the second half of season 12. We have been working all summer on this episode. Aw, who am I kidding. We have been working for the last couple days on this episode and you will pee your pants with laughter.

Like the acceptance speeches given at the Emmys I would like to say my thank yous at the end of this blog.
Thank You: Rob, Mike and Nate, New Jobs, Earthquakes, In and Out Trucks, Cactus Cooler, Free Food, The Biddy From That Restaurant That One Time, Audrey II, Miley Cyrus, Helen Miren, The Year and Number 1978, Urban Detox, Casual Conversation With Anyone Who’ll Listen, Hot Dogs Wrapped In Bacon, Emmy Parties with Kanye, and of course I can’t forget Perez!!! Heyyy… wow that was gay. Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus.

Thank you.