Newest Entry in the Production Blog: Woah, Rain!

Good evening South Parksters. It is I, PA Steve, and I bring you good news. A new episode of your favorite show is airing tomorrow night! Matt, Trey and the crew are hard at work and I’m here writing to you, which can almost count as hard at work. It’s been a busy week #2 here. Luckily we weren’t haunted by the ghosts of David Carradine or Billy Mays after last week’s episode. Michael Jackson already lives here so we’re used to him “sha-moan-ing” around.

In other news, it rained today in Southern California. Now I know most of you readers think that rain does not warrant a mention in the blog but, I am from the east coast and there have been times where I can’t recall a sunny day in recent memory. Well today it rained here and I don’t think it has rained in So Cal since February so there’s that fun fact of the day… my rain dance worked.

Where was I? Hmmmm….oh yes! The rain. I love rain and our slightly leaky roof. Rain is like sunshine only wet…and cloudy. I will say this though; rainy days must inspire Matt and Trey because the writer’s room was a buzz today with great ideas for tomorrow night… I’m not sure if they were doing the rain dance, but they were definitely doing the comedy dance!!! It’s raining comedy all over this office!!!

Oh boy…it’s late and I have to get back to reading about the red sox and patriots losing in the same day and getting made fun of by just about everyone in South Park for it. Enjoy the episode tonight and for those of you who can’t wait for the show please enjoy the picture of a ninja turtle farting music!

– PA Steve