Production Blog 04/10/2007

Rob touched on it earlier, and I don’t want to repeat too much, but here’s some of what made this week at South Park extra special:

– People got in a machine that swirls money around and grabbed at cash while a strobe light and deafening music distracted them.

– A man handed out freshly scooped ice cream sundaes to the entire crew, in the lobby of South Park Studios.

– The “24” family sent us a bomb with a thank you note. (see the pictures in previous posts)

– This week’s episode went through a huge and hilarious overhaul today (Tuesday), the day before it aired. It now makes me laugh out loud in every scene, and most of it isn’t even animated yet.

It’s getting late into the run, (this episode and then one more to end the season!) and people are starting to wear their fatigue on their sleeves. Staff members drift through parts of the day in a sleep-deprived zombie haze. Many of them end up in the kitchen, no real hunger having driven them there.

The kitchen has become one of those runoff traps in a pool that catches dead leaves and bugs. The crew lift their spirits a bit by grazing on the fresh snacks that are constantly replenished by us, the production assistants. (Snack gatherers have always been an important part of the human experience.)

Although the strain of long days and nights are starting to show, it isn’t effecting the show. People are working harder than you, (out there in internetland), could imagine. Like weary farmers who know they have to put in the extra mile to get the South Park crop out of the ground before the season ends, they toil away.

Each episode is as good as, or better than, the one before. I know that I watch it in the office, over and over again, then I go home and watch it again and laugh like I’ve never seen the thing before. Something about sharing it with everyone as it airs for the first time lends a fresh humor to it. It’s like how a movie is funnier if you watch it in a full theater instead of alone in your living room.

If you don’t like this week’s episode then go to a hospital immediately, because something is wrong.