Newest Entry in the Production Blog

It’s that time of year again. The new season of South Park is upon us, and I for one, couldn’t be happier. Not only are the new episodes going to be great, but I am so happy to have a job right now. That makes me part of the exclusive club of 2% of Americans to be currently working. I’m not sure if my numbers are correct, but that’s my guesstimation.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night’s episode, entitled “The Ring”. It concerns what happens to Kenny when he takes his new girlfriend to a Jonas Brothers concert .

This episode is special to me because I think it is actually based on my life. In case you don’t know, my name is Kenny. This makes for hilarious banter when I introduce myself at a party and someone asks where I work-

“What did you say your name was?.?”


“?.and where did you say you work?”

“South Park”


Anyway, a couple of weeks ago my girlfriend begged me to take her to the new Jonas Brothers 3-D movie that was in theatres. I said “Sure, absolutely. Who are the Jonas Brothers?” She said “They’re like Dave Mathews meets the Rolling Stones crossed with a little bit of the Beatles”. “Sold” I said.

The following Monday, Trey asked me what I did over the weekend and I told him all about it. He must have thought it would be a great idea for a show. So there you have it, ripped from my life and brought to you via the magic of television??

Just kidding, Trey never asks me about my weekends.

Okay, enough with the tomfoolery. All the departments here at South Park Studios are about to put in our weekly round the clock workday to bring you a great episode, and I must be getting back to business.
Thanks for checking in, and stay tuned for updates throughout the season.