Production Blog Entry for 04/07/2009

Episode 1305 is only hours away from its premiere. This is the fifth week of our seven week run. We may be a bit tired in the office, but that won’t prevent another great episode of South Park from being produced. Be excited.

But what is it about South Park that gives it so much depth? I would argue that it’s the combination of humor and socio-political commentary that makes South Park such a valuable part of American Culture. Not everyone would agree.

My grandmother believes that South Park consists entirely of toilet humor. However, Matt and Trey are one step ahead of her. Their creation of Terrance and Phillip, perhaps in defiance of more conservative viewers like my grandmother, underscores what a show with just “fart jokes” really would be like and contrasts with the nuanced themes written in to South Park episodes.

My grandmother is almost 90. She has lived through the depression , WWII, The Korean War, Vietnam, the Assassination of JFK, Watergate, and Michael Bay’s entire career. She has seen true evil in this world and continues to live. Yet, she would (I pray she has never actually watched this) balk at the cartoon image of Martha Stewart “queefing” sparkles and ribbons from last week’s episode. It is this sort of obtuseness that has prevented so many people from seeing South Park as not only an hysterical cartoon, but also an intellectual dialogue on many social and political issues during it’s thirteen year long run.

That being said, the subject of toilets, if not toilet humor, has dominated the South Park office for some time now. After a few weeks of poor toilet etiquette, a sewer line broke; As a result, a certain PA had to mop up fecal water in the South Park HD Studio bathroom. That may not be as glamorous as recording back round voices for a show late Tuesday night, but shit needs to be taken care of.

That’s exactly the attitude the South Park office has, which is why you, the viewer, will get a timely, hilarious, and insightful episode tomorrow night – and perhaps a fart joke or two. But, farts are funny. Sorry Grandma, it’s true.

-Nathan R. Chaffetz, Production Assistant

P.S. We had lunch from a certain upscale China bistro today, so maybe we are full of shit after all.