Production Blog Season Finale

If I could turn back time?

Just in time for the holidays, we come to the end of another great season. In approximately 72 hours from this posting, most of the South Park crew will be looking back on Season 12 through the bottom of a pint glass. Or if you’re Steve, Kenny, or David, it’ll be through a midori sour snifter. They can’t get enough of those things. Regardless, it’s well deserved after 7 weeks of backbreaking hours that make even the top Navy S.E.A.L.S. cringe. And by the way, how awesome is that movie? Just hearing Mr. Big’s ‘Strike Like Lightning’ makes me want to do pushups in the rain. Anyway?

Some of the readers out there ask, ‘how can I work for South Park? I know I’m not as awesome as Gary, but give me a shot! Damn, look at his thighs.’ Let me give you some words of advice. Squats, squats, squats. That and a love of Ritmo Latino.

Now, rather than give you the 12 best things to happen in Season 12, I want you to give you the 12 things not to do around Matt or Trey if you ever come into contact with them, in or outside of the office. You never know, it may come in handy one day.

12. Call Matt ‘Trey’, or vice versa.
11. Make fun of people who like KFC or Taco Bell.
10. Follow them to the bathroom and hand them a script under the stall.
9. Fart, then say ‘I fah-ted!’ a la Terence and Philip.
8. Ask them to sign something, and if you’re lucky enough to get them to sign something, reply with a disappointed sigh.
7. Ask them to listen while you “do” Cartman for them.
6. Tell them how great the MPAA is.
5. Ask them if they ever party with Seth MacFarlane.
4. Tell them, ‘remember that time you (insert something here from”Baseketball)”and then say ‘that was so awesome!’
3. Sing ‘America, Fuck Yeah,’ Especially before introducing yourself.
2. Rag on the Denver Broncos.
1. Forget to tell them how awesome the PA Blog is.

Oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned this week’s episode. It’s great. You should watch it!

So now that we are coming to an end, I want to share some pictures with you that I have gathered over that last few months. We look forward to your comments. See you for another great season of South Park in March 2009!!

Nate (former PA turned Ass. Editor) with his pony lap desk.

A Starbucks employee who stayed on her break instead of helping her coworkers with our 65 latte order. It’s called teamwork, look it up.

Kenny right before invented the sexual maneuver known as the ‘Buckeye.’

Steve, trying his hand at bird wrangling. Pun intended.

This blog is dedicated to Nate (1979-2007), RIP. Goth for life my friend. Goth for life.