Production Blog Entry for 03/16/2010

Hello all! It’s been awhile since I last posted on South Park Studios and believe me my fellow production staffers and I are glad to be back. I’m pretty excited about this weeks Season 14 opener. Looks like Tiger Woods will finally get the South Park treatment!

Anyway I want to use this blog to introduce a couple new PA’s here at South Park.

First up is PA Sam:

He hails from the far reaches of South Western Tasmania. After apprenticing as an assistant Kiwi farmer, he decided to open his own Kiwi ranch all at the age of 13 and a half. Much to the dismay of Kiwi farms across the globe Sam cornered the Kiwi market. After assuming the title “King of Kiwi” he set his sights on his true passion, lyrical dance. In 1992 he moved to NYC to pursue his craft on the “Great White Way.” After brief stints in “Cat’s”, “Mamma Mia” and his favorite, “Rent,” Sam retired from show business broke. For the last ten years Sam has been in hibernating in a small cabin near Northern Vermont where he writes poetry, prose and surfs chat roulette. It took one phone call from Matt and Trey to get him to move to Southern California and breathe life back into what once was a promising career. Now Sam can be found dancing all around the office, in the grocery store while doing food runs, and of course dancing up and down the streets of Los Angeles on one of the many errands required of him. Blog readers please give a warm welcome to PA Sam!

Our second new PA is named Mike. Mike hails from Agra, Kansas, which boasts the lowest population in the whole state at 306 people and is know world wide as “The Home of Leftovers.” It was there in 1768 where Mike’s great, great, great… really great grandfather first thought to save his dinner to bring to work for his lunch the next day. When Mike turned 16 his father gave him the keys to the horse and buggy and told him to head west just like they had practiced while playing “Oregon Trail” on their floppy disc reading Apple Computer. After Mike’s 14-year-old wife died of Dysentery crossing the Missouri River he decided to re-route his lonely caravan to sunny Los Angeles to ride earthquakes. After many years of frustration with the infrequency of earthquakes in So Cal, Mike decided to dabble in show business. Being from the boonies of Kansas Mike’s accent was extremely marketable and he soon found himself starring along side Clint Eastwood, Howdy Doody and Zac Effron. With the pressures of fame and fortune wearing on him he did the only thing someone in his shoes could do…..he called Matt and Trey and begged for a job. They set him right up with a sweet PA job here on South Park and the rest is history. PA bloggers please welcome PA Mike!

Welcome back everyone! Enjoy Season 14!

APOC Steve (Assistant Production Office Coordinator…boo ya promotion!!)

PS. I couldn’t have made this stuff up if I tried.