Production Blog Entry for 11/03/09

We make South Park in house with American animators. We do not send the show out of the country to be animated. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing Animation. Koreans and Indians have the right to work on projects just as much as we do. In fact I feel bad for them because they have to work on Family Guy

But, as I said before, South Park does do all of its animation in-house. We do almost everything right here in our very own studio as most of you fans already know. It’s a unique set up that requires all of that fancy computer equipment in the photos you just saw. We also need JJ to manage all that gear, and to keep JJ on top of his game, we need Lucky Charms as well.

Let’s review. We have an incredible render farm, over 180 servers, terabytes of data storage and mega-power back up capabilities on which the show depends. All this high tech equipment and more is maintained by JJ, who is the head of our IT department. And JJ loves lucky charms. We can conclude then, that if we don’t have Lucky Charms in the South Park kitchen at all times , the franchise is not safe. And it’s my job to make damn sure we have that bogus emerald isle cavity-causing breakfast treat.

See, I’m important after all. My mom was right.

-Nathan R. Chaffetz, Production Assistant