Fans, Become an Editor on the New South Park WIKI

Hey buddy, wanna be an Editor on the brand new South Park Wiki??

We’re opening up the Wiki to you because you’re not just our fans, you’re also our fwiends. And we want you to be a part of this epic new section of our website.

Don’t worry, there’s no prior Wiki experience needed to help out. In fact, it’s pretty easy. Check out the Help Guide here for some basic pointers. Also, the Manual of Style will help you get started if you’re a n00b.

So browse around the WIKI, start adding valuable content, and help make our Wiki freakin’ shine.

Thanks, guy!

>> Get started by browsing the Wiki.
>> Check out the Wiki Guide for help and basic pointers.
>> For style and formatting guidelines, read the Manual of Style.
>> Basic Rules and Policies of the Wiki here.