Production Blog 03/20/2007

Hi Yall.

Jeff the new PA here.

Well, its that time of year again…. the NCAA tournament. A time when people around the country engage one another in office basketball pools. Now, you might be saying to yourself “You work at South Park. You do normal office things?” Of course we do. We’re just like yall but after being at South Park for a couple months, I’m beginning to think everything is “gay”. Why not the tourney?
First and most obvious, the tournament is called the “Big Dance”. Guys around the country are like high school girls getting ready for the prom. We call each other to see what dress..I mean team will win it all, what parties are going on and so forth.
If a team that wasn’t expected to do well advances into the next round, they instantly become “Cinderella”. Seriously? Cinderella? Don’t you think we could come up with a name that…I don’t know…isn’t a fairy tale about a peasant girl? Then if the “Cinderella” team advances past the second round, they enter the “Sweet 16”. Anybody? Can anybody help me here? Better yet, if said team gets into the Final Four, announcers have been known to say “The glass slipper fits!” Gaaaayyy!!!
Isn’t that weird? A bunch of big college basketball players being compared to a blond girl who is turning 16, putting on high heels and going to a dance? Has anyone ever brought this up?
Anyway, the pool around here is up to $500. I’m already out for the most part, but it’s been awesome. Being new and all, it’s a great way to meet a lot of the people here and secretly hate them for filling out better brackets then you. Maybe noticing the feminine side of the NCAA tournament will give everyone something to scratch their heads over….
Speaking of scratching heads, make sure to tune in for this weeks all new episode! It’s all about Lice and their tender yet vicious, mysterious world!!