Newest Entry in the Production Blog: Sorry to take so long!

It’s been about 5 months since the last episode of South Park If you ask me as a fan, I’d say that’s far too long of a break. But, If you ask me as a crew-member, I’d defend our hiatus to the the death (of someone else, obviously.)

A South Park runs means seven weeks without weekends, without outside friends, no home cooked meals, or helicopter adventures with a Filipino friend who solves mysteries. We, deserve our summer off! But, I suppose all of us fans have a little bit of the same desperation for more South Park that Cartman had when he wanted the Nintendo Wii to come out.

Good news: This morning us PAs bought 100 dollars worth of Jack in the Box plus we spent over 100 dollars in milk, fruit, yogurts, and pastries. We had a large catered lunch from a brazilian restaurant as well as a delicious catered Italian meal for dinner. A few hours later a I will go back to the supermarket and pick up about 150 dollars worth of snacks. Close to midnight we will set up a spread of delicious breakfast burritos and soup. There are only two possible conclusions to draw from this. Either the Bulimic Support Group we share our building with have relapsed, or a brand new episode of South Park will air tomorrow!

Fans can revel in one good constant in our world since August of 1997: South Park.
Big Gay Al said it best in his fabulous USO number in the beloved South Park movie, (which is coming out on Blue Ray on Oct. 16th, so get ready to buy it!)

“Since then, bombs have still been falling, people have still been dying, politicians have still been lying, and cancer has still been killing.” But, we could always watch South Park, unless of course you were killed by a bomb or cancer. In the past 13 years, South Park has given to society such great episodes as “Fat Butt and Pancake Head,” “The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers,” and my personal favorite “Scott Tenorman Must Die.” There are too many classic episodes to mention here but for the next seven weeks on Wednesdays at 10 PM, all of us fans will ignore the greater problems of the world and feel super!

-Nathan R. Chaffetz, Production Assistant.