Production Blog for March 31, 2009

Hey guys,

Happy March 31st!
PA Steve here to keep you updated on all things South Park. I don’t want to give anything away about tomorrow night’s episode so, I won’t. Take that!

Instead, I want to tell you an epic tale of terror and amazement. Our story begins?

In last weeks episode Stan had a hard time returning Randy’s Margaritaville machine. Now, most people think South Park is a cartoon and the material things and characters in the show are pure imagination. Well folks, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. The other day I went into the writer’s room and there it was, gleaming with margarita making goodness THE Margaritaville?.. magically un-smashed and intact.

I picked it up and held it like you’d hold a baby with a “shaved ice” switch. After the choirs and angelic lights ceased to gleam down upon me I decided that I, Steve the PA, must steal the office Margaritaville and set it free.

I wouldn’t be able to do it alone so I enlisted the help of a couple friends you might recognize. PA Kenny “Cartman Head” Lane and PA David “Satan Head” Madson (shown below).

Together we fought off all those who cruelly held such an innocent Margaritaville captive. Our quest to bring freedom to this innocent shaver of ice mixer brought us to Matt and Trey’s heavily guarded offices. After realizing they weren’t so heavily guarded we eluded both Matt and Trey. My arch nemesis PA Lord Chaffington The Fire Helmet was the only one who had the power to stop me now. In epic movie battle form we proceeded to head-butt each other across the entire office. It was a battle hard fought (shown below).

At the end of the hard fought battle (shown above) I was forced to utilize a cheap eye poke shot. Luckily his eye poke deflector was down at the time and I hit the target successfully with my pointer followed by my pinky finger. Left blind in one eye and partially blind in another, PA Lord Chaffington the Fire Helmet was forced to surrender the Margaritaville to me!

As Kenny “Cartman Head” Lane and David “Satan Head” Madson escorted me into the Rockies over looking our little Mountain town. As the sole protector of all things Margaritaville, I looked back on today’s events here at South Park and thought to myself how lucky I am to be awake and alive.

And as I set the Margaritaville free…

I remembered I’m going to be up all night helping finish this weeks episode which, I promise, will not disappoint!!!

(No Margaritavilles were harmed in the telling of this tale)

PA Steve