Newest Entry in the Production Blog

The 24th of March, 2009

Day fifty-two here at South Park Studios. Damn it’s hot. We have now traveled deep into the heart of Season Thirteen and there is no turning back. We have suffered no losses but I can see my comrades are tired and will be in need of coffee soon. Coffee I will have to make. Up ahead in the distance I can see the faint outline of a finished episode. It’ll be a good one. It is not completely clear yet but my hunter instincts tell me the episode deals with Randy showing South Park how to live in this financially troubled era of ours.

If we continue on our present course we’ll reach it by tomorrow. Tomorrow at 10pm Eastern Time. *cough cough* Excuse me. I need a glass of water.

Water’s good. Beer would be better.

The darkness is closing in now. Soon it will be night and later it will be morning. I begin to hear the restless groans and stretching of animators, story artists, producers and editors. They’ll be up all night…just like they are every Tuesday night. They are making the show and I will be here with them. Moving fast and silently among them, causing no disturbance. One false move and I’ll have to buy them snacks. Lots of snacks. About one hundred and fifty dollars worth.

I have to go now. Danger lurks on every side. Everyone watch out for tomorrow’s episode. If it airs, it means I made it and will speak with you again in about three weeks.

Joseph “David Madson” Conrad