Production Blog 04/03/2007

5 episodes in… where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday we were all summoned to Trey’s house for our bi-annual “Let’s Make This the Best Run Ever” Pancake Breakfast. Trey manned the griddle as Matt stirred the batter insuring the fluffiest pancakes imaginable. We have team building fun covered in syrup and butter, kissed with whipped cream. Those days are behind us now. Everyone is now working at the top of his or her game. If they’re not… well let’s just say they won’t be getting any pancakes next run.

After tonight we only have two episodes left. When those are completed, we will go on hiatus only to be punched in the face by reality. We won’t have a kitchen that’s filled with $150 worth of snacks every single day. We’ll have no excuse as to why our laundry isn’t done. Plus, we will have to explain to the government that our taxes haven’t been filed because we were to busy giving 8-year-old boys head lice and awkward homosexual experiences. I’m sure they hear that all time.

This week has been a special week. A “Morale Building” week if you will. It has kept our collective spirits from breaking under the obscene amounts of pressure we all feel.

How to build Morale at “The Park” (yes, I’m still using it):

1.Cash Grab Machine
“Like on the TV?” Yes Jethro… like on the TV. Everyone puts his or her name on a dollar. If your dollar gets picked you get to go in THE CASH GRAB MACHINE so the entire crew can stare at you as you grab at flying money while Andrew WK blasts over the PA. Trey also made up a new rule: if you picked your own name, you get $1,000. Congratulations to Nicole our big winner $1000 winner this week. Drinks at the 90 Lounge are on you!

2. PA Serial Number Game

Kyle, one of the writers here at “The Park” , it’s still awesome/ I’m still awesome, whipped out a $100 bill. The PA who came the closest to the serial number would win said bill. Simple enough? Ask Jeff “the Rookie”. After examining a $100 bill for 10 minutes guessed 9 numbers not 8. Congratulations to Nate, our big winner this week. Drinks at the 90 Lounge are on you! Stop giving drinks to Jeff… he just ain’t right.

3. Extra Days Off

What does someone who works 100 hour week want more than anything? Time off. Some have family they haven’t seen in weeks. Some have girlfriends that feel neglected. Some have XboX’s that need to get played because if they don’t THE ALIENS, TERRORISTS, AND NAZIS WILL WIN. TREY AND MATT PLEASE LET ME GO HOME SO THE NAZIS WON’T WIN! OH GOD I NEED A GIRLFRIEND!

The crew gets a little time off because it’s Easter. They work so hard and deserve it. Take that Nazis… take that.

This week has been great and it’s only getting better. The episode is amazing. It might send us all to hell but we will laugh the entire way there.

PS: I would like to give a shout out to my Mom. She just started reading our blogs. She says I’m the best; you know what? I think she’s right… I think she’s right.