Production Blog 04/17/2007

For the Last Blog of this Run, the PAs thought it would be fun to do something a little different. We enlisted the help of Mark Munley, script supervisor and all round “Nice Guy.” He gave us 5 questions that were on his mind today and the exact length our answers should be… So loyal readers are you ready for:

Mark Munley Presents: South Park PA’s He Said/ She (really a he) Said Production Blog!!!!!

1. The state of California recently considered passing a law to make it illegal to spank a child under the age of 4. Supporters said it’s a logical step the state can take to protect the children. Others claim it’s just one more step towards California becoming a “Nanny State.”
Nate – Against spanking
Rob – For Spanking
4 to 6 sentences

Hitting a child is NEVER okay! Violence breeds violence, and kids who are abused grow up to abuse their own children. Besides, there are countless studies that prove positive reinforcement is a better behavioral modification tool then negative reinforcement. This is not a case of the state trying to take charge of your family. These laws are merely designed to look out for defenseless kids that deserve a chance to grow up in a friendly and nurturing environment.

My Mother had a paddle with “The Board of Education” written on it. She would beat me whenever I stepped out of line but hey and guess what… I turned out awesome. I live in Hollywood and work on one of the all time greatest comedies of all time. I’m now friends with Matt and Trey… best friends. Hey Reader… I bet you wish your momma beat you.

2. Knut, a polar bear cub at the Berlin Zoo, was rejected by its mother and is now being raised by the zookeepers. There was some controversy about whether it is right for a wild animal to be raised solely by humans. Various animal rights groups called for the zoo to put the animal down. The zoo, seeing a boom in attendance, refused to euthanize the cub.
Nate – Put Knut to Death
Rob – Raise Knut by humans
4 to 6 sentences

Picture yourself being born into a life of slavery. Knut’s sole reason for living is for others to stare and point while he walks around the same small cage everyday until he dies. He will never learn to develop into the truly majestic animal he is. It is absolutely horrible to end Knut’s life. But it is even worse to let him live.

Would you want to kill “The Sexual Harassment Panda”? How about that internet clip of the little baby panda sneezing ( I can’t tell you were to find it because I work for Viacom and were are suing You Tube). I’m all for killing animals for food, fur or when they attack but come on. The Chinese don’t even eat them, I’ll never get laid wearing a panda skin jacket and last time a “panda” attacked me she just farted in my face ( to clarify, I used to go out with a girl who was nicknamed panda who farted all the time).

3. “There is a time and a place for everything.”
Nate – Agree
Rob – Disagree
Exactly 5 sentences

Life is short, and to live with regret is to not have lived at all. You need to seize every day and live it like it’s your last. If you close your mind to experiences and events you may never know the true beauty life has to offer. Even negative experiences help reopen our eyes to positive elements around us. If you believe in yourself and others, never are afraid of new experiences, and cherish every day you are given, then you will die a happy person

There’s never a time nor place when you shouldn’t feel free to watch South Park. This week’s episode is really funny. It’s about the homeless. It’s been a great run. This is the fifth sentence.

4. Several Los Angeles area hospitals have been accused of Patient Dumping. This is when the hospital pays a taxi or shuttle service to drive a low income, uninsured patient, usually elderly and/or disabled, to Skid Row to drop them off. It is a horrible practice that any human being should find disgusting. You are both to argue in favor of the hospitals.
6 Sentences

When is one life more important then another? Is it okay to let one person die if it saves a thousand? These are questions that hospitals have to answer every day. None of us like to think about, and it’s seen as being harsh and callous. But, lets say you find yourself in an ER with a life threatening injury and they tell you you’ll have to wait for treatment because some old guy stubbed his toe and has no ride home. I’m willing to bet that in this case you wouldn’t mind if a taxi driver took the old guy home (or to skid row) for free.

Shit Happens. Now that I work for the major television show South Park, I have health insurance so I really don’t have to care. I wake up, put on a South Park T- shirt and start my awesome day. Why think about patient dumping? The Blue Shield of California card in my pocket says that the only time I see skid row is when I drive by to see how good my life is. Plus, I’m not going to have sympathy for someone bitching about a free cab ride.

5. Is it possible to ‘Love too much?’ This is a free form exercise in which you can both share the same opinion, but you must use personal examples to support your conclusions. Points will be deducted if you mention a dead pet, or a paternal grandfather.
6 to 8 sentences

Love is a wonderful and powerful emotion. It can give you strength one moment, and it can crush your spirit the next. But, when love becomes too great and consumes your life, it ceases to be beneficial. If my love for ice cream became too great and crossed that line into infatuation, then where would I be? If I spent every moment of my life lusting after a single girl, would that be considered healthy? Love must be revered and respected if we are to grow as human beings.

Have I ever loved something with my all of my heart and soul… sure we all have. Some might say I love South Park too much. Well it’s given me a job, paid my rent, put a smile on my face, filled my stomach with free food, taught me how to be a better person, lifted me up when I fell down, helped me find places that can make a meal for 60 people in 20 minutes, told me to be a man, let me try wheat grass only to find out that I hate it, showed me how to wire money to other countries and taught me the best codecs for small video files. The Priest and Nuns at Our Lady of Peace (OLP or “Our Local Prison” yeah we were crazy funny back in the day) taught us that Jesus is Love. If you think you can get enough Jesus, you need to go back to church SINNER! If you can’t feel the flames at your feet, then you’re already dead.

This has been an amazing run. These past 7 episodes, in our opinion, have been the best since we started working here. We’d like to wish everyone at the office a joyful summer and we hope you, the viewer, can wait until September for the new episodes. Thanks for watching.

PA Nate,
PA Rob,
Script Supervisor Mark