Does Randy Like Chicken or Not?

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Does Randy Like Chicken or Not?

Postby mcgavel » Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:25 am

Hi...I know taste can change but it struck me when I just re-watched the "Future Self" episode and one of the ways the future Stan proved to the family that he "really was Stan from the future" was by saying he knew that Randy didn't like chicken. However, in the "Creme Fraiche" episode he's getting a hot spicy boner over pan roasted We need that "lost episode" explaining Randy's magical journey of learning to love chicken.
Also...Where did Kenny go during the episodes where he "stayed dead?" Would like to see "The Secret Adventures of Kenny" or something, lol. Was he training his powers? Were his powers of death-defiance put on hold somehow while he faced some life issue? Or did he willingly stay dead to save the world? Fun times and thanks for the great shows.
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Re: Does Randy Like Chicken or Not?

Postby Big-Will » Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:30 am

Fads can affect people in strange ways. Like, Randy didn't like chicken until he learned how to cook. And you can't trust what you saw in "My Future Self 'N Me", since .the future versions of the boys knew only what the present versions knew, and that was all long before what happened in "Crème Fraîche."

Apparently, Kenny was cremated after season 5. We don't know where his soul went until Cartman made a drink out of the ashes and thought it was chocolate milk. Once he drank the ashes, Kenny found himself inside Cartman. It would be disappointing if all Kenny did was wait around until someone drank his ashes, :lol:.
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