1008 - Warcraft

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1008 - Warcraft

Postby veljaaa » Thu Dec 10, 2009 3:54 am

Kyle said boars are worth 2 experience points, but when Stan kills a boar at approx 11:55, you can see that he got 142 XP from the kill... Also, Cartman said it would take them 7 weeks to get 30 levels, but they actually got 50 levels in 3 weeks...
There are a lot of game related bloopers, such as being able to get 50 levels by killing only low-level boars, playing a human hunter, there's definitely no way to get a weapon from a flash disk, and, well, first of all, getting a level so high that you can kill admins and all players around you is not something that can be achieved, but that's just the way Matt and Trey intended it to be to get the story going... =)

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