Show idea, Peace up A town Down.. Set in Atlanta Georgia, 6th, 7th and 8th grade

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Show idea, Peace up A town Down.. Set in Atlanta Georgia, 6th, 7th and 8th grade

Postby HurricaneAmirHirsch33 » Sat Sep 18, 2021 2:04 pm

Peace up A town down,, show idea
Set in Atlanta Georgia. Mostly black characters
Theme song.. Georgia by Ludacris and Jamie fox. Originally by Ray Charles.
Derrick Cornrows, Fat black kid with Cornrows hair style tells funny jokes. He's a clone of Christopher "Biggie smalls" Wallace, who's also a time traveler and kind of Derrick Cornrows real Father.
Pac Mars, rapper kid named after tupac Shakur always trying to find who killed 2pac or if 2pac is still alive with the hardly boys until in one episode he finds out that he's a clone of 2pac and that 2pac is a time traveler and kind of his real father..
Pac's parents are 2 lesbian women named Brandy and Karen Mars
Kendrick McDonald, good fighter and backup singer for pac, has brass knuckles on his belt buckle. speaks a language only he can understand unless it rhymes but the ladies love him kind of like pootie tang. He's also a clone of Dmx who like the other 2 faked his death and became a time traveler and genetic father of Kendrick..
Miles Chochskies host of the infinite miles rap music competition club.. and main character.. his rapper name is infinite miles.. he's in 6th grade and then 7th grade..then 8th grade. Tho he's not a clone that doesn't stop him from mimicking and imitating rapper Eminem/Slim Shady/Marshall mathers.. he's the only white boy of the four but he gets black points and street cred by rapping causing trouble and being a jahovas witness..
Miles's parents are named Jerry and Mila Chochskies and there jahovas witnesses
Mrs. Margaret Cornrows, Derrick mom, stripper at the mechanical red bull strip club. Sometimes she's poor sometimes she's rich. Sometimes she's hot ok she's always hot..
Mr. Stankey, 6th grade teacher.. pedophile, has a cabin in the woods where he kidnaps children and tries to sleep with them but jahova and everyone else always stop him.. he keeps his job because he knows hypnosis and telepathy and can get away with almost anything.. but he's almost no match for jahova or the FBI..
Nutters Scotch, red hair freckles pail skin steals alcohol from bartender dad..
Clegg Listerine, male cheerleader straight, metro sexual, has allot of girlfriends..
Cider Ronavan, nearly suicidal, tries suicide allot, but always backs out or gets saved at the last minute.
Chimmy Chonga is a Mexican kid with sexual tourettes syndrome.
Shimmy is a transgender kid who's a boy that dresses up like a girl.. and is in a wheel chair..
Mindy Assburgers.. is a top of the spectrum Autistic Asian girl.. who dresses up like a boy and is in a relationship with shimmy.
BBpropain is a slutty girl 18 years old with pink hair and works at cooters restaurant.
Slidey Assburgers: Mindy's non Autistic sister.. in a relationship with Derrick cornrows..
Dang Malcolm X.. the governor of Georgia
Tokeo Yellow.. Asian kid he races bikes and is a typical Asian guy..
Crystal Methias: Drug addict girl thinks she's a super hero called Smoke Leopard.
Mr. Blackey, school counselor.. Says catch phrase Ayyy ok allot.
DC principal, school principal really into comics rival to the other elementary schools Marvel principal.
Submissive woman, school vice principal in a relationship with DC principal.
Kelly Mars, Pac Mars sister.
Grandpa Vinnie mars.. Pac's grandpa
Jimi Stern, Brandy Mars half brother, and pac's uncle.
Mike Chochskies, Miles adopted little brother from mexico..
Hughey McDonald, Kendrick's weed smoking swinger father.
Marilyn mcdonald.. Kendrick's hot blonde Milf mom.
Sheree McDonald, kendricks sweet little sister.
Kevin Scotch, Nutters Father.. he's a bartender..
Glinda Scotch, Nutters mom, works as a kinky massage therapist.
Big Straight Sal, super straight guy, always pooning women.
Officer BadBaby, town cop female hot.
Ted Nazzy.. racist deaf black guy, has hearing aids.. hates rap music.. always trying to kill Pac.
Jahova, the God of the jahovas witnesses.. he lives in the Forrest and only a few drunks and miles family have seen him and believe in him..
Slim Jung yellow, tokeo yellows dad leader of a religion about the philosopher confuscious.
Sister Maxipad, jahovas witnesses church leader.. nobody really goes to church in Atlanta Georgia not even Miles family.. sister maxipad is always trying to get people to go.
Mayor Rosario Daniel, female mayor of the town has green hair and a little dog named Wincess..
Dentist Alberto Cinestro.. dentist by day.. but by night he's an evil green lantern and he battles.. Crystal methias.. Smoke Leopard.
Abraham.. leader of the Jewish black people.. has allot of children.. wants to circumcise everyone in town..
The playboy/Easter bunny, and krampus are always giving toys away and krampus steals toys of bad kids.
Mr Freeman, like Morgan freeman in many ways always inventing stuff for Scatman.. the freestyling jazz fecalpheliac..
Clarence and skillet.. tv show characters always drinking and throwing up.
Towel head Habibi, talking middle eastern baby with a towel on his head..
Harold Chevrolet, FBI agent handles the bigger crimes in the county with his team of FBI agents.
BJ Gode, French slut works at a kissing booth eats snails allot has a pet skunk, doesn't shave very often..
Oreo Cookie, school lunch man.
Svetlana Ronavan, Cider ronavavans mother.. Uver driver always getting and curing different forms of the Corona virus.. by cinthisizing different insect DNA into a vaccine..
Miss Chaturbate, sex Ed teacher.. good looking, her class is like a romance novel..
Ms. Dontstabme.. bus driver
Kim Jung yellow, tokeo yellows grandpa, always trying to make nuclear weapons, and has a yellow belt in Korean martial arts kuk sol won.. he's half Korean half japanese..
Ms. Jizzum is a talking sperm about a foot tall talks about sex at the sex Ed class.
Luscifer.. leader of the dark magic practicing cult Circle of Cyon.
Mrs. Mung, pregnant teacher of the 7th grade after the first 5 seasons. She's secretly just fat and she says she's pregnant all the time. She's Asian.
Mrs. Felatia... hot 8th grade teacher, object of every boy/mans affection after 10th season.. her car is shaped like a dildo..

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