Past the Point of No Return

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Past the Point of No Return

Postby CodaC2010 » Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:12 am

((I will be giving this warning once and only once! This a K2 (Kenny/Kyle) fic with one-sided Style (Stan/Kyle), so if you don't like it, do not read it!!!))


~Kenny's POV~

Last night was insane, and that's coming from me.

We all decided to go out to a nightclub for Kyle's eighteenth birthday, a pleasant surprise when we picked him up and arrived at the warehouse outside of town serving as the makeshift nightclub. It was just the four of us, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, and me, Kenny McCormick, for the first time in a long time. (Since graduation was fast approaching, we've barely had any free time to hang out as a group and it really sucked since these guys were, well, my only friends.)

Everything was going good--actually, better than good, things were great! The four of us were squished together on the dance floor, being forced to grind against each other to techno, fast pop, and hard rock music. The birthday boy was sandwiched between Stan and me, his front against mine while his super best friend was grinding against his ass. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little jealous of Stan's position, but the one I was in was nice too - you know, when I ignored the fat ass grinding against my backside.

About six songs later, we had to take a break since we were all getting worn out too quickly. While the others grabbed a table, I ran up to the bar and used my "mystical powers" to seduce the bartender into giving us free drinks - tequila slammers at that. By the time I returned to the table with our drinks, Stan and Kyle had wandered off somewhere. I asked Cartman where they went.

He shrugged. "Beats me. Kyle pulled Stan aside saying he needed to tell him something." He grabbed one of the tequila slammers.

"Hmm..." I looked over, my eyes scanning the crowd for Kyle's flame red Jew-fro, which had been cut down and tamed significantly in the past ten years.

Finally, I spotted him near the bathrooms with his green eyes locked with Stan's navy blue ones. I kept my eyes locked on them, unable to completely see how Kyle's mouth moved to pick up his words, but when I saw Stan's face become a solid block of ice and his entire body become rigid, I knew what had happened. Quickly, I pushed through the crowd to try and get to them before things could get too out of hand.

Kyle had told me a month ago that he was in love with Stan but he just wasn't sure how to tell him. I had advised against telling him because of a fairly simple reason: Stan still loved Wendy. He wasn't going to give her up, and whether or not Kyle realized that, I wasn't sure. Regardless, nothing was going to be the same between the two now, not if Kyle actually admitted his love for his best friend.

I reached the two in time to hear Stan say with a voice laced with ice, "I will never love you like that."

Kyle froze, his eyes wide and filling with tears. Even not holding him, I could tell he was trembling with the start of what might've been a sob.

I stopped next to Kyle and sent a slight glare at Stan. The bastard didn't have to be so cold about it! Especially not on Kyle's birthday!

Stan must've caught my glare because he returned it and said, "What's wrong with you?"

"I should be asking that," I retorted. "The f*ck makes you think you can be so goddamn cruel to him?"

"I don't love him," he continued, his voice still cold as ice, "and I just told him so. It doesn't matter to me if he takes it bad. It's the risk he ran when he told me that he loved me." Without allowing me to say anything else, he walked back over to the table.

I turned back to Kyle and put my hands on his shoulders. "Kyle?" I brushed a tear off of his cheek. "I told you not to tell him for exactly this reason. Why'd you tell him anyway?"

His eyes fell to the ground between my brown boots and his black ones. "I guess I was just hoping..."

I sighed and put an arm around his shoulders as I led him back out of the nightclub. "Come on, let's just go back to my house."

"But, what about Stan and Cartman?"

I looked over at them. Cartman had a shocked look on his face and Stan was talking. Plus, from what I could see, all four of the tequila slammers had been drunk. Well, the alcohol's been consumed, might as well get out of here before things get worse. I looked back at the redhead under my arm. "They'll be fine." And if they're not, oh well.

"Kenny," Kyle said as he walked back towards the town - luckily we weren't far from the residential area, "I just don't like leaving them there."

I waved one hand to dismiss his worries. "Look, Stan was beginning to be an assh*le to you, and you know Cartman's gonna have a field day with this information. It's best if we just leave them be."

"Well, uh, if you say so..."

We walked the rest of the way to my house is silence. Kyle was probably lost in thoughts of Stan. I felt bad for him, I really did. He had been so sincere when he told me how he felt for the quarterback of the varsity football team, and I really had wanted things to work out for Kyle's sake. Now that they haven't and I can feel him on the verge of tears again, I wanted to hold him in my arms and never let go.

Okay, so there was a part of me that wanted Kyle's confession to Stan to utterly fail because I secretly longed for the redhead myself. The reason I'd been trying to be a better friend and be there for Kyle whenever he asked for it or not was because I wanted to be the one to hold and comfort him forever.

Granted, normally when I say or think that, I just wanna get into someone's pants, and don't get me wrong, I do want into his pants, but I really do want more from him. I wouldn't use Kyle and then toss him aside like I had so many others, I would be there for him and with him for as long as possibly needed.

I swung open the front door and looked around. No one was home again, no surprise there. I smiled back at Kyle and gestured to the old, sunken-in couch. "Why don't we watch a movie, huh?"

He smiled and nodded. "What movie?" He sat down on the couch and smiled slightly at me.

I chuckled and pointed at the small DVD rack next to the TV. "Pick one. I'll go get us some snacks." I bounded into the kitchen and swiped the unopened bag of Doritos and a couple Dr. Peppers from the cabinet before going back into the living room. "Choose a movie yet?"

Kyle smiled at me and nodded. "Yeah. Phantom of the Opera."

"Cool." I handed him one of the sodas and dropped down next to him on the couch as the movie began.

We sang along with the songs and mocked some of the more memorable lines in the movie, but it was really fun. About an hour into it though, Kyle sat the half-empty can of Dr. Pepper on the ground next to our feet and leaned against my chest. I simply smiled and wrapped an arm around his waist to lock him there.

He was getting tired, I could feel it in how he was beginning to slump against me, so I swung my legs onto the couch and laid back, allowing him to use me as a full-sized body pillow.

"Ken," Kyle muttered sleepily, "it's okay if I stay here tonight?"

I smiled down at him as Past the Point of No Return began to play on the TV screen. "Of course it is."

He smiled up at me as his eyes slipped closed. "Thanks. You're the best." He rested his head back down on my chest.

"It's no problem." I moved one of my arms so that it could cushion my head as I continued to watch the musical-movie until I finally drifted off to sleep as well.

Today, I wake up to see the DVD menu of Phantom of the Opera and to feel Kyle still in my arm tracing what I assume are random patterns into my parka. I smile down at him.


He jumps and looks up at me annoyingly. Oh yeah, he doesn't like to get scared. Oops... "Morning," he sighs.

I sit up as he wiggles free of me and stands up. "Sleep good?"

Kyle smiles just slightly. "Yeah, I slept great. Thanks for letting me stay here last night dude. I really appreciate it."

I smile and stand up with him. "It was nothing. Just a favor for a good friend."

"Still, I owe you." He opens the door to leave and looks back at me.

"Okay then. I think I'll take my payment now." I grab onto his chin and touch our lips together softly together for only a few second. When we part, I smile at him gently. "Happy birthday Kyle."

He blinks in surprise for a moment and then smiles again. "Thank you Kenny."
"Pretty cool? Do you know what it feels like to be shot?! Decapitated?! Burned?! Torn apart?! ...It's not pretty cool Kyle, it f*cking hurts!" --Kenny
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Re: Past the Point of No Return

Postby CheesyPoofs666 » Sun Jun 19, 2011 11:33 pm

:gaykenny: GO KENNY!!!!!!! :D it was cute, i highly doubt Stan would do that but thats why its called FANfiction ^-^ cute allthough, really cute. :3 :gaykenny:
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Re: Past the Point of No Return

Postby CodaC2010 » Tue Jun 21, 2011 11:46 pm

CheesyPoofs666 wrote::gaykenny: GO KENNY!!!!!!! :D it was cute, i highly doubt Stan would do that but thats why its called FANfiction ^-^ cute allthough, really cute. :3 :gaykenny:

^^; I know, but someone on FanFiction wanted me to do some K2 with a tad of anti-Style, so I fulfilled their request.
"Pretty cool? Do you know what it feels like to be shot?! Decapitated?! Burned?! Torn apart?! ...It's not pretty cool Kyle, it f*cking hurts!" --Kenny
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Re: Past the Point of No Return

Postby William Drive » Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:47 am

good story.

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