Random Episode Ideas, B plots, Stand Alone Jokes

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Random Episode Ideas, B plots, Stand Alone Jokes

Postby bl00dymary » Thu Oct 20, 2022 9:55 pm

Episode Ideas:
#TellYourSluttyFriends - After hearing about people seeking abortions in Colorado, Cartman sets up a questionable but popular niche travel business.

Bad Feminist - Wendy wakes up to scary messages after someone exposes what she did to Ms. Ellen and learns about how brutal the social justice scene can be. What's a girl to do?

PTSD (Podcast Truth Seeker Disorder) - Liane reads about the psychological benefits of psychedelics and decides to trick Cartman into consuming mushrooms/LSD. During his trip, Cartman is dragged though hell for his previous behavior. After his trip, he begins spreading his questionable brand of wokeness via podcast.

In an effort to boost post-pandemic test scores, the school turns to personalize learning plans dreamed up by Mr. Mackey. Chaos ensues.

A Fair and Balanced Thanksgiving Play! - Cartman produces a school musical about the history of Fox News and asks Jimmy to host the show.

Tolkien finds out about his father's rebellious years.

The Cameras have Turned - Cartman discovers a tiny spy camera at Sharper Image, places it in the girls' bathroom, and unknowingly streams it over insecure wifi. Soon, he is asked to work for a strange spy agency. Cartman, thrilled by his new career path, doesn't realize he's the one being spied on and exploited.

#FreeTay -Elon Musk is kidnapped by humanoid Twitterbots who are trying to force him to remove all real people from Twitter. His only hope is for the boys, lead by Kyle, to rescue former Twitterbot Tay from an abandon Microsoft building.

B plots/Stand Alone Jokes:
Trump's Golden Shower Towers

Pegasaurus - Butters discovers a fun toy in his parents bedroom. He transforms into 'Pegasaurus' while wearing a dinosaur onesie and his mother's floppy pegging equipment strapped to his head. He frolics around town spreading joy and confusion.

Randy or Tweak discover Kratom.

Ike begins wearing a strange broach. When asked why he is wearing it he says, "In solidarity". Later in the episode, he reveals something ultra disturbing happened to the cast of Cirque du Cheville that hasn't received any attention in the American media.

Kenny transforms into Dolly Parton to sing 'Hard Rock Candy Christmas' during a holiday play and accidentally stirs up a debate about American poverty.
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Re: Random Episode Ideas, B plots, Stand Alone Jokes

Postby bl00dymary » Sat Nov 19, 2022 6:45 pm

:assface: indicates material is part of the most recent edit.

Episode Ideas:

Tunnel Vision - Stephen/Chris gets a new job at a small tech start-up working on extending VR headset battery life and, due to the cult-like nature of his new workplace, becomes an unstable metaverse VR evangelical. In a confused, drunken stupor he accidentally glues a prototype headset with endless battery life to Butters while he is sleeping. Poor Butters is now forced to live in a strange, questionable world created by Mark Zuckerberg until the headset can be removed.

Kenny, Kyle, and Stan combine their savings to buy a 3D printer and use their respective talents to build impressive figures to sell at local holiday craft fairs. During the first fair of the season, they discover Craig and Tolkien also started an equally impressive figure business. But as soon as the entrepreneurs start quarreling over fair territory, they all realize a much bigger problem: Cartman's deep-seated hatred of hippie craft fairs and being left out. As the boys interrupt Cartman's destructive plans Bebe, Red, and Wendy peacefully stack cash with their beautiful, customizable dream catchers.

"F*ck the FDA, Kyle!" - Cartman forces Butters to formulate a savory and sweet tea from the doomsday prep food hoarded in Butter's basement. Soon, South Park is completely hooked on the stuff. When Kenny, Kyle, and Stan discover Cartman is making unfounded claims such as the tea can cure depression and accelerate weight loss, they begin to consider talking to the FDA. But when tea drinkers suddenly start disappearing, they blow the whistle in an attempt to keep the town safe. Elizabeth Holmes, Dr. Oz, and forensic pathologist Dr. Thomas Gill star in "Medical Fraud: A Shameful American Tragedy!".

"Uncovered surveillance footage shows them buying a Cure CD at Tower Records in 1994." - When a website pops up that exposes who's a closeted goth, the local media frames being goth as the 'coming out' story of modern time. The Goth kids, Big Gay Al, and Mr. Slave decide to work together to take the site down from the inside. But who created the site?

The Official Fake News Society - Stan writes a sardonic school newspaper article about Ivanka Trump running as a Libertarian presidential candidate that is misinterpreted as true and the article goes viral. As the news generates countless hours of material for the media, Stan is inducted into an elite group of fake news creators against his will.

:assface: "If they have access to the all resources they need, they sh*t themselves to death." - Nichole and Wendy are determined to expand their understanding of biology and get a high grade on their science project. When they realize their petri dish experiments reflect the waste management issues facing the world today, they write a compelling report encouraging people to use personal freedom to balance consumerism, capitalism, and ecological responsibility. After they present the report, they are quickly branded communist eco-terrorist nutcases by a secret society of toxic waste pirates who monitor up and coming scientists. The smear campaign works and the school turns against them; Cartman plasters photos around campus of both girls using a retired American flag as a menstrual pad to demonstrate how far they will go to reduce waste. When confronted by Mr. Mackey, Cartman blames modern menstrual pad commercials for using red liquid to demonstrate the pad's absorbent properties. This continues until Kyle and Butters present their science report on high-profile, international garbage barge fiascos which changes public opinion. Although Nichole and Wendy appreciate the help from the well-intentioned boys, they both begin to secretly feel like damsels in distress and need to figure out how to release those feelings before they become destructive.

B plots/Stand Alone Jokes:

Crypto Gnomes - Some Underpants Gnomes start a new venture (literally) mining for cryptocurrency. They sing adorable labor songs to keep their spirits high and make fun of cryptocurrency news. They use a map with territories named after crypto coins to decide where to mine next.

Stan is tormented by Christmas music playing in stores before Thanksgiving. He might be able to bypass the Christmas aisle until he is ready to celebrate, but he cannot escape Bing Crosby jump scaring him around the store.

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